Doe A Deer Mom Flour Sack Towel

Doe A Deer Mom Flour Sack Towel

$14.00 USD

From Doe A Deer Design: 

If we could make a tea towel that describes all of the things that a mom truly is, we’d need either a giant towel or a super tiny font to fit it all. There are so many roles that moms play in our lives, and on this towel, I’ve listed a few notable favorites. 

Mothers deserve all of the credit in the world for the selfless things they do to raise us. If you’re looking for a fun Mother’s Day gift that shows your appreciation, then she’ll definitely feel all of the love when she receives this towel. 

Qualities that make flour sack towels special:

  • 28 x 29 inches of absorbent (and adorably designed) flour sack cotton 
  • Digitally printed with water-based inks
  • Please note that since the fabric of these towels is stretchy & soft, not every towel will be the exact same size or a perfect square, and that’s the beauty of American-made flour sack cotton! 
  • Comes folded and packaged with a belly band, prepared to add a warm touch to your kitchen