Dirt Road Candle Co RECHARGE Wall Diffuser

Dirt Road Candle Co RECHARGE Wall Diffuser

$7.00 USD $10.00 USD

From DRCC:

Relax. It’s ok to do nothing. Go outside. Replenish your spirit. Solitude is a victory. Give yourself a break.

Sometimes we just need a reminder to slow down, be alone, and take a minute to recharge! This treat of freshly brewed hazelnut coffee will help remind you to do just that! With aromas of toasted hazelnut, fresh coffee beans, and a touch of maple and cream you’ll think you just brewed the real thing!

Dirt Road Candle Co. wall diffusers are always on, and there isn't a flame to maintain! Our wall diffusers are toxin free (no more headaches or watering eyes!) and hand poured in small batches in Lewis, Iowa. We use pure, all natural, essential oil infused fragrances that are paraben & phthalate free.

These wall diffusers were created when Michelle moved to the farm house and wanted her house to spell amazing the second she walked in the door! These will last around 30 days in any space, however we do suggest in larger rooms to use 2 or 3 to fill the room. 

Please note that these refills will only work with our wall diffuser plug in. Do not try to use them with another plug in as it will damage the refill.