Dirt Road Candle Co All Roads Lead Home Air + Room Spray

Dirt Road Candle Co All Roads Lead Home Air + Room Spray

$14.00 USD

From DRCC:

There is no better place than home at Christmas! On Christmas morning, we always feed the cows first before we open gifts. It used to annoy me as a kiddo, but now I look forward to it. We have no where else to go, and we look forward to warming up with a big cup of coffee and fresh from the oven caramel rolls when we get inside!

All Roads lead home is a mouthwatering fragrance! With top notes of sea salt, caramelized sugar, and rich brown sugar envelope the nutty pecans that grace the top of the rolls. The heart of the fragrance is fresh baked dough, butter and cinnamon. This gives way to the base notes of caramel and vanilla. Truly smells like you just pulled these amazing rolls out of the oven after cattle chores!  

Dirt Road Candle Co. air + room sprays are all natural and hand made in small batches in Atlantic, Iowa. We use pure, all natural, essential oil infused fragrances that are paraben & phthalate free.

These air sprays were created when my Grandma moved to a nursing home and was not allowed to have candles. I wanted her to enjoy having a fresh and clean smelling room, without breaking rules. They are her and all the residence's absolute favorite!

Air sprays work great to freshen up a room, furniture, vehicles, and anywhere else that is needing a fresh smell quickly! A little goes a long way with this all natural room spray!