B.E. Happe Solid Knit Hat - Succulent

B.E. Happe Solid Knit Hat - Succulent

$24.99 USD $54.00 USD

From B.E. Happe

Our solid knit is a classic hat in our knit pom pom hat collection. This fitted style hat will keep you warm this fall and winter.  

* Construction: Hand knit in the U.S.A * Fiber: 80% acrylic/20% wool in Peanut * Finishes: Sewn on Faux Fur Pom 

* Care Instructions: Spot clean or hand wash hat body only, lay flat to dry. Avoid submerging pom pom in water. If pom becomes saturated, vigorously shake pom pom to re-fluff and dry. Do not machine dry as the hat contains wool and the faux fur pom pom may melt. 

* How We Give: Each month, b.e.happe donates Wish List items to Child Life Services at children's hospitals across the country with a portion of the proceeds. 

* Please do not leave knitwear unattended around small children or pets as b.e.happe will not be responsible for any damage done by curious little hands or paws